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 Заголовок сообщения: 104th Opfor - Community Event - 15 Jan 2011
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The 104th proudly announce our community wide event:

OPFOR 11-1

Saturday 15-Jan-2011 Time: 20:30 – 23:30 GMT
Blue Side be in 104th Teamspeak one hour before the event at 19:30 GMT for briefing.
Red Side be in (TS Server to be announced) one hour before the event at 19:30 GMT for briefing.

104th Dedicated Server. Password to be given during TS briefing

This will be a closed password required event. In order to sign-up, please post in the OPFOR 11-1 thread on the 104th forums that you wish to join. Make sure to include the names of all the pilots you would like to have participate including their 104th forum user name so that they may be setup with access to their respective planning room. Also include your preferred side to fly, the type of aircraft, and the airbase for every pilot. Note that you may not get your preferred plane slot and may be allocated differently in the interest of team balance. Participants will be accepted up to 48 hours before the event if there are available slots still left. All squadrons and individual ‘lone wolf’ players are welcomed. Once you have been signed on to the event, you will have access to a private planning room for your chosen side, either Red or Blue.

If you are not sure you can make it to the event or stay the duration of the mission, then please do not sign up! For the next event, you may not be allowed to participate if you are a no show. People with older PCs and/or internet connections should consider if their PC is up to the task of handling this event. Make sure to turn down all graphic options. Event is limited to 52 players maximum. 26 per side.

Mission Description:
Operation: Moonshield - Red vs. Blue, No AWACS available. Exact ground unit locations will be changed from daily server operation, but will remain in same general areas. The winning team will be the team to score the most points at the end of the 3 hour event. Additional points will be awarded for high value ground targets. Intel on point values/mission goals to follow soon in this thread. Statistics and scoring for the event are tracked and will be posted on the 104th forum after the event. Mission will remain on "Pause" until all players are ready to start as monitored by the server admin.

NO AIM-120, R-77, R-27ER/EM, R-27ET ALLOWED. ALL OTHER WEAPONS ALLOWED. A default payload will be in place for each plane. Alternatively, use Wolverines payload mod available here.

Match Rules
- 1 Life per player. Players must exit the game server and active flight TS channel immediately after their death or a penalty will be applied.
- You may exit flight after landing and coming to a full stop at a friendly base to refresh game or choose a new available slot. This will not be counted as a loss.
- Pilots may land and rearm only at any friendly base available. Landing anywhere else will be considered a loss.
- Assigned player slots can be changed between pilots of the same team, if agreed between both pilots or if an empty slot is available.
- You cannot quit in flight intentionally during the event for any reason and rejoin. Players disconnected due to a game crash or internet disconnection may only rejoin if granted permission by an admin. You will not be allowed to reconnect at any time if you were engaged with any enemy.
- All pilots must land BEFORE the end of the event. A notification will be given when there are 10 minutes left in the event. Any pilot still in the air at the end of the event will be counted as a loss and any points obtained by that pilot during that last flight will be revoked.

General server rules as listed in 104th mission briefing apply to this event. Max ping 400ms as enforced by Servman.


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